Winery & Vineyard


A time of growth and awakening. The vines start to wake up and send out their first pink tender shoots, the grasses grow, the sun is warm, the sticky flies are out, and there are copious amounts of pollen in the air. Spring is a bit of a lull period for us. We will bottle a bit of wine, rack some of the wines and top up any tanks that need it. Towards the end of Spring, you will find us in the vineyard lifting the wires that hold the canes upright to allow the optimum amount of light to get to the grapes during Summer. Read more about Spring in the winery.


Hot dry days and cool evenings. This is a time best spent out doors. There is not a lot going on in the winery at this time of year, all the action is in the vineyard. Every second week we spray the vines with wettable sulphur, fish oil and seaweed to make sure that we keep the grapes healthy. The vines have many organic nutrients sprayed or irrigated over them. In the middle of summer the grapes go through veraison (change from green to red) and then the nets come out to keep the birds off. Read more about Summer in the winery.


Hot days and cold nights, Autumn is our busiest season. At the beginning of autumn we have Vintage time. This involves many late nights and early mornings, wine stained hands and clothes, snipped fingers and vine scratched arms. Sounds really romantic hey! Read more about Autumn in the winery. Read more about Autumn in the winery.


Cold and frosty mornings, storms, drizzly rain, power cuts, afternoons sat by the fire in the warm tasting room at the winery. Towards the middle and end of winter the white and rose wines will be ready for bottling. In late winter, when it is the coldest and wettest, it is time to get out and prune all the vines. Read more about Winter in the winery.